Configuration system.

Configuration can be in either a configuration file specified by MLRUN_CONFIG_FILE environment variable or by environment variables.

Environment variables are in the format “MLRUN_httpdb__port=8080”. This will be mapped to config.httpdb.port. Values should be in JSON format.

class mlrun.config.Config(cfg=None)[source]

Bases: object

property dask_kfp_image

See kfp_image property docstring for why we’re defining this property

property dbpath
classmethod from_dict(dict_)[source]
static get_build_args()[source]
property iguazio_api_url

we want to be able to run with old versions of the service who runs the API (which doesn’t configure this value) so we’re doing best effort to try and resolve it from other configurations TODO: Remove this hack when 0.6.x is old enough

property kfp_image

When this configuration is not set we want to set it to mlrun/mlrun, but we need to use the enrich_image method. The problem is that the mlrun.utils.helpers module is importing the config (this) module, so we must import the module inside this function (and not on initialization), and then calculate this property value here.

static reload()[source]
static resolve_ui_url()[source]
property version
mlrun.config.read_env(env=None, prefix='MLRUN_')[source]

Read configuration from environment